Phoenix Hearts began in 1994 when I was a young boy made homeless for my rejection of my family religion and a lone hitch-hiker trudging where I knew not on a deserted shimmering desert road. It was then that I vowed to make sense of my predicament, mend it, help others but most preferably prevent their children the same from happening again! 
It's been one wild journey through decades of discovery to write Phoenix hearts and find the way back home!
Phoenix hearts is free, because dysfunctional religion is not and if I can help another person find hope and self-compassion after dysfunctional religion I will have been paid enough.
If you have found this book helpful, please mention it to others it could also help. If you would like to illustrate it better than my attempts to do it justice, feel free to mail me ( and do so. 
Thank you for reading and for caring. I hope it helps you at least as much as it did me to write!